NEED A JOB with maintenance

 Veronique Jobard
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Dear sisters, brothers and friends of Auroville.
In the particular times we live in, I haven't had an income for almost a year. I lived off my savings, but today, I'm almost at the limit. In addition to that, this year, I have to redo my passport and my 5 year visa (plus or minus 30; 000rs).
I need a job with maintenance before I am completely dry. I can do all the jobs possible: cleaning the house, maintaining the garden, taking care of someone, young or old, I manage with the computer and the internet, I am an artist, creative and passionate, I like to talk with people (French and English), I am organized and meticulous, I have a cheerful character and I like working in a team. What I have already done: bakery, bookstore, animator and director of a children's recreation center from 2 to 14 years old (for 15 years), Sunbliss restaurant in Repos beach for 7 years, art and craft, homestay management, tourist activities, book publishing, etc.
 For more information, you can meet me.
And for those who want it, maybe you can just help me financially (105701 / Veronique help).
I believe in abundance and I also know that everything is in the hands of The Mother.
A lot of gratitude in advance for what I will receive.
Veronique from Realization
+919488512678 (Telegram or Whatsapp)
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