Looking for work for Chandru (31yrs)

 Sonia Silva Novaes
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Namaste! I would like to recommend a person that worked for me for past 2 years. He is very reliable and he is looking for work, if anyone could help, would be great! Thanks a lot!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                His name is Chandru and he is 31 years old. He has been studying in AV schools since his childhood and worked in different AV Units like Well Café, FoodLink, Language Lab, Gas Service and, for the past 18 month, for a publication trust. Chandru used to babysit for different AV kids. He studied Corporate Secretaryship at Auroville Institute of Applied Technology and he can use basic Microsoft Office Suite. He is eager to learn more and do an internship. He is looking for full-time or even part-time work/internship in an office where he could take care of data entry tasks and Office/Excel duties. Please write or WhatsApp him for any proposal. Thanks a lot, for references you can contact Alessandra (alessandra.silver.in@gmail.com) or Sonia (sonialalitadevi@gmail.com)

  • Contact Details: Chandru – k.chandru@live.com or phone/WhatsApp: +91 9566616759