European House is looking for various items

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Europe House and Hungarian Caravan are in the process of reviving their compound at International Zone

The situation in Europe is still very uncertain in these times. Aren't we lucky here in Auroville that we can roam around pretty freely? To add some spice to it, European House is in the process of reviving their compound at International Zone.

For upcoming events we still need to update our equipment, especially in the kitchen, to greet you again soon with refreshments. As funds are scarce we are wondering if you have anything lying around that is of no need to you but maybe to us. Pots, pans, thermos, plates, cups etc. Even shelves or anything to beautify the space. We can pick it up, no problem. And next time you visit European House you can see your things in full bloom, used again.

Any little financial support is appreciated, so we can add to our equipment, plant another tree, etc...EH Acc # 251207 Please look out for announcements of events on Auronet and N&N.
Find us also as part of the Aura Website and on Facebook, European Pavilion Auroville


  • Contact Details: jojox16@gmail.com, 890 396 57 26